The Feast gathers a community of creators, activists, leaders and champions of the human spirit who are here to make the make the world better off for each other and society.

Official Feast dinners at produced and facilitated by official hosts in cities like NYC, LA and SF with pop-up events around the world.

The Feast is a member supported organization that is passionate about empowering our own and other communities around the world in coming together in more meaningful ways. Together, we are out to realize the spirit of abundance by sharing our whole selves in service to each other and the world.

Apply below to attend a dinner near you or let us know if you’re interested in hosting one for the community!


Want to connect with like-hearted peers over dinners that foster deep connection and support? Apply to join and get connected to the community, find out about dinners happening near you and how you can get involved in bringing the Feast to your region, communities and people you care about.

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Want to create deeper spaces of community and support that cultivate a community of like-hearted peers making the world a better place? Apply to be an official host or supporter. Supporters open their homes, networks or other resources to help make dinners possible while official hosts are trained facilitators in The Feast process who commit to hosting at minimum on official dinner per year. You can learn more about what it means to be an official host here.

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Official hosts are responsible for and committed to making sure a dinner happens, correct use of the brand, attendance, and facilitating The Feast process over dinner. Supporters are here to lend a hand, a space, or help making the dinner great.