Become an Official Host 

Thanks for your interest in hosting an official Feast dinner! Around the world, people who love building community and facilitating meaningful connection are stepping up to create shared space for this community of people creating a better world.

Our official hosts share our values of connection, authenticity, and the view that we make the world a better place by creating a different kind of space for leaders to come together. One that values genuine listening, sharing the truth of where we’re at, and offering the abundance of each person’s gifts, perspectives and presence in service of each other’s fulfillment.

Official Hosts are trained in The Feast facilitation process and become an integral part of the community; stewarding local relationships, offering input into the process and stepping in where possible to support.

As an Official hosts you:

  • Are offered access to use The Feast brand for your events

  • Are invited to run one or more dinners a year

  • Become the steward of the local community; including those who have registered to attend a local dinner

  • Receive support from The Feast and host community in hosting your dinner

  • Become eligible to host dinners of nonprofits and brands who want to bring The Feast to their community

  • Join a network of hosts around the world who are leading a movement in connection!

Interested? Tell us a little bit about yourself below and we’ll get in touch!


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How are you open to getting involved?
Official hosts are responsible for and committed to making sure a dinner happens, correct use of the brand, attendance, and facilitating The Feast process over dinner. Supporters are here to lend a hand, a space, or help making the dinner great.