The Feast is working to bring spaces of authentic connection to communities around the world. In addition to stewarding and cultivating our own community of global change-makers, we are partnering with myriad organizations to support stronger community, connection and empowerment.

Some of what we’re working on includes:

  • Bringing The Feast to cities ranging from Nepal, to Vienna, San Francisco to South Africa

  • Partnering with Universities like the University of Pennsylvania to facilitate dinners that combat isolation among graduate students (a group with the highest rate of mental health issues)

  • Working with local advocates and organization to facilitate dinners that build dialogue across divides ( public defenders with local stakeholders, advocates for local economic development across socio-economic divides, and more).

  • And lots more

Your contribution supports the overall operations of The Feast, the growth of our global community and builds the capacity to spearhead more programs that bring The Feast process to those who need it most. Together, we can create a more connected world; where each person’s abundance is recognized, each person’s desires honored, and each person’s gifts shared with each other to create a better world.

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