Host a DIY Feast! 

Thank you for your interest in sparking deeper meaning, support and community - we’re thrilled you’re here! For those who are ready to dive into a more meaningful meal, we help make it simple by offering a simple framework for conversation that revolves around three core questions.

What’s something you have plenty of that you love to share?
What is something you’re hungry for (for yourself and/or the world?) 
What’s one thing you can offer to someone else in the room to support their fulfillment?

Simple right? Yes! And yet the outcome is deeply profound. By stepping up as a host of this format, you are stepping up as a leader in holding space for a deeper connection and community that we’re all hungry for.

Dinners can take any shape or form (potluck or night out) and we offer our hosts a simple format, guide and tools for facilitating.

For those of you who are new to hosting an intimate space, we're offering a course that takes you through how to host a great dinner with The Feast’s simple model. We'll take you through every detail, from how many people to invite and when to send out invites to how to hold space for deep shares, and how to make sure everyone is heard and fulfilled at the end of the meal.

For those who are ready to dive in, we’ll send you some handy facilitation tools to share the process that’s worked for us.

Just fill out the form below and join a community of thousands of people around the world creating more fulfillment for those in their community and the world.

Let’s Feast!