Past Month's Themes


We humans are social creatures. We learn, grow, and know ourselves through connection with others. Relationships are the number 1 factor to feeling fulfilled and feeling a sense of support and reciprocity are what keep us thriving through the highs and lows of life. It’s not only beautiful, it’s critical to our survival.

And yet more people are  increasingly lonely with as many as 43% of Americans feeling lonely and 26% in Europe. It is not just sad, it’s an epidemic that is taking its toll our lives and capacity to even go on living them.

So we are bringing people out to connect around how we can foster more belonging in our lives and for others.

Throughout the month of February, we’re inviting The Feast community and communities everywhere to celebrate each other, support each other and to explore the question of how to create belonging in our world.

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March is Women’s history month and it’s more than a month for women to celebrate, it’s a month for all of us to celebrate women! We are inviting people of all genders to the table to celebrate women and be a part of creating a more equitable world.

Starting with our own world, we will explore how women have affected and shaped our lives, how inequality touches us personally (no matter what gender you are), and how we can take tangible steps to an equal world that benefits all.

This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate women.

By fostering deep connection, understanding and honest reflection, and lifting women up to achieve true equality, we can move toward a world that benefits the whole.

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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” -John Lennon

We’re dreamers, creatives, change-makers and soul shakers; the ones who challenge the status quo in order to make things happen. Yet so often, we let the naysayers get us down.  “That’s silly!” they say. “That will never happen!" And so, we put aside our deepest desires to pursue what others deem logical.

But we’re fortunate. We live in a time when anything is possible. This month, we’re feasting on the question “how do we live our dreams?”

  • How do you define your dream and what do you need to go after it?

  • What dreams are so close to you that you lost sight of them?

  • How do we lean on each other to make the impossible possible again?

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Where does our courage come from? And what does it serve? Courage can conjure images of heroic feats, but it also lives in the simple acts of personal truth. The moments we face our fears great or small: when we stand up for ourselves or someone else; when we hold our ground, or take meaningful risks.

The root of the word comes from the word "heart" and the original meaning of the courage was “to speak one's mind by telling all one's heart.” What does courage mean to you? What courageous acts have you taken or want to take? And how do we understand that which we fear to better understand what courage is?

This month, we’re getting curious about courage and its place in our lives. Explore the question for yourself, with those you find courageous, or in support of someone who is taking a leap. 

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Water. It’s fluid, powerful, soft, vast. It quenches our thirst, cleanses our souls and makes our environments and ultimately all life possible. So this month we are exploring our relationship with and activating our gifts in service of the waters of the world and the people championing them.

Over dinner, we’ll take the time to connect with the qualities of water and how they inform and enrich our lives. We’ll also connect with experts and champions of water and its access to all people. Finally, we’ll share our unique gifts in service of this incredible force of nature by supporting each other’s work and coming up with actions we can personally take to life a fuller relationship with the waters of our life.  

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We all go through threshold moments. Moments of change, an ushering in of the new. These changes can be big or small, they can be challenging or exciting, they can be easeful or fraught with stress. The thing they share in common is meaning.

This month, we explore the theme of transition. Whether you’ve been through a big change, are embarking on one, or are wanting something different, this is a moment for those who have been through it to share their experience; how they did it, what happened, how they navigated. And for those embarking to find partners on the road of exploration.

We can’t wait to share this moment with you.

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Who are you? How do you define it? Is it by definition, association, metaphor? Identity is often associated with the masks we wear but it’s as fluid as the places we go in a day and defined by us.

Over intimate dinners, we’ll share and explore the many ways we understand ourselves. From our favorite definitions to the ones we’re learning to live into, we’ll share a bit more with each other about what it is to be us, how that definition has changed over time and how we want to be known in the world.

We can’t wait to share this moment with you.

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