Past Month's Questions


We humans are social creatures. We learn, grow, and know ourselves through connection with others. Relationships are the number 1 factor to feeling fulfilled and feeling a sense of support and reciprocity are what keep us thriving through the highs and lows of life. It’s not only beautiful, it’s critical to our survival.

And yet more people are  increasingly lonely with as many as 43% of Americans feeling lonely and 26% in Europe. It is not just sad, it’s an epidemic that is taking its toll our lives and capacity to even go on living them.

So we are bringing people out to connect around how we can foster more belonging in our lives and for others.

Throughout the month of February, we’re inviting The Feast community and communities everywhere to celebrate each other, support each other and to explore the question of how to create belonging in our world.

Download the toolkit here to host your own dinner!