Sit. Feast on your life. 

Every month, we host dinners bringing incredible humans together to share a meal over meaningful questions and topics. 

10% of all proceeds benefit a charitable organization. 100% of dinner guests benefit each other.



Attend a Feast Dinner

Want to meet an amazing community of people and connect over fun meaningful conversations? Join the community! Be the first to get invited to official Feast dinners and connect around the questions that matter most in life.


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Be an Official Feast Host

We have an incredible community of humans who host official Feast dinners in cities around the world. If you want to support incredible humans creating impact in the world and have convening in your DNA, we'd love to partner with you to bring The Feast to your area. 

Apply to be a host and bring The Feast to a town near you!




DIY Feast

Want to bring together your community in way that sparks support, inspiration, and authentic connection? We've created a simple process that allows everyone attending to bring their gifts to the table and create a magical, meaningful evening. Whether you want to host for your friends, your community, or colleagues, you can take our simple facilitator training to learn how to turn any dinner into a Feast!