A Feast on Life

Dinner 1.jpg

We believe in the power of community to change the world

We believe in the beauty of every person. That each of us has a story, a gift, and that when we bring these to the table and share them with each other, we create abundance. This is what makes a meal, a Feast.

We started our dinner series in 2012 and since then, individuals in over 20 countries around the world have hosted over 600 dinners. From a fine art gallery in New York, to a former air-hanger in Finland, to a hot restaurant in Nairobi, to a college campus in Boston, Feast dinners have take on many shapes and sizes. What's the same is incredible hosts and their guests who realize the opportunity to create community, connection, and inspiration in our shared humanity, gifts and possibility.

At the core of the world's greatest challenges is seeing eye to eye, witnessing and supporting each other's worth and possibility to live fully, and community to belong to. This challenge sits at the heart of increasing isolation, crisis of identity and conflict. But it also holds the key for recognizing our shared humanity and unlocking purpose through a culture of connection.

By hosting a Feast dinner, we not only delight in each other, we change the world; one dinner, one conversation, one connection at a time.