Hosting is Easy With The Feast!

There are a bounty of awesome ways to collaborate with us to bring meaningful conversations to a dinner near you! Check out which is best for you!

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Make your next dinner memorable

Want to have a more interesting conversation at your next dinner party? Have friends you want to bring together to explore inspiring questions? The Feast toolkit make it easy to have a more meaningful meal. Each month, you'll get a beautiful set of content cards with fascinating prompts and questions that explore the BIG question of the month. Cut them out and use them at an existing event or as a reason to get together. 


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Cohost A Feast

Want to get involved with official Feast events? Become a co-host and help plan a community event or help curate the most inspiring people to be in the room.

Every week, we hold a special call for new potential co-hosts to learn what it means to co-host a Feast dinner. We also have on-going weekly hangouts for hosts to get to know each other, ask us questions, and receive support from The Feast team to help make your dinner awesome.

Jump on one of our weekly intro calls* to learn more or get started by signing up for the kit below!

*Get your first kit free if you join the intro call

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Feast Facilitators

Want to host official Feast dinners wherever you are? Become one of our facilitators! We are growing a network of trained facilitators and leaders around the world. Official facilitators get to use the brand, access to our promotional channels, and facilitate dinners with our sponsors and partners. What’s more, our training empowers facilitators with the skills to serve as leaders in community.