Host your own Feast 

Join an amazing community of people building community, connection and meaning.  It's easy and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Get your toolkit to get started!

Get the toolkit of your choice below. Choose this month's theme and join a world-wide dialogue on the question of the month or choose the topic you care most about.  The kits are great to use over a monthly club with your friends, gathering with your office mates, or to host with members of a community group you love.  What you get: 

  • You'll receive a beautifully designed kit for the question of your choice. Each kit includes custom cards focused on the question of the month. These thoughtful cards make it easy for you and your crew to have a fun, insight-filled, conversation to remember. 
  • Get connected to a community of fellow hosts to share resources, tools and root each other on!
  • Hop on a Q&A call to get any additional support you'd like from The Feast team. 

  • Feel amazing knowing that part of your purchase goes to an awesome non-profit each month. 

  • Experience the magic of connection and meaning at your own Feast dinner!