Bring The Feast to Your Community

We love it when people bring The Feast to their communities. It sparks support, inspiration, and authentic connection that creates deeper relationships; that’s good for everyone! There are a few ways to bring the magic of The Feast to you!

For individuals

Want to host a Feast style dinner for your friends, neighbors, book-clue or other community-group? Great! There are two tools for you.

  1. Each month we host a workshop on the art of hosting. We teach and share the process during the workshop. This not only gives you an experience and understanding of the process, it helps you connect deeply with a community of other hosts around the world - which is super inspiring.

  2. Get The Feast facilitation Cards! We’ve designed these easy-to-use facilitation cards to make it simple for first time hosts to run the process. (coming soon!)

For community groups, universities & nonprofits

Want to activate your community? We partner with nonprofits, universities and other community organizations to bring The Feast process to your community. Get in touch below to talk about how we can support you in creating more meaningful engagement among those who care about and support your work.

For Companies

The Feast is great for holding more authentic space among team members, clients and stakeholders. The power of The Feast is that you really get to know each other - to see each other’s tremendous gifts, genuine humanity, and to level the playing field and creating trust and goodwill by offering each other genuine support in the areas we want and need it most.

We have a community of trained facilitators around the world who can come host a more meaningful conversation at your organization or train your team to hold this space themselves. Get in touch below to say hi!


How would you like to bring The Feast to you?