We're a global community of passionate people who bring our gifts to the table to support the people and issues we care about most. We make it easy and inspiring for anyone to have a meaningful dinner.  Because we find meaning from sharing our gifts, because community is the glue of society, and when we share what we have plenty of, we turn a meal into a Feast. 

WE Make Hosting a Meaningful dinner easy


Every Feast dinner is about community bringing what they have plenty of to support each other. You might have plenty of gusto, business savvy, or just presence.  

You can host your dinner for someone you know (a friend, family member), a whole group of people, or for someone whose work admire and want to support.

We've automated every step of hosting to make it super easy including invite and reminder emails sent directly to your in-box. Our makes it easy for you to facilitate the conversation, ensuring your dinner conversation is rich with insight and connection that leaves everyone feeling full and fulfilled.