Have your own Feast!

Download the Belonging Toolkit HERE!

The toolkit will give you everything you need to host an inspiring, intimate, fun dinner exploring the question: 

With increasing loneliness, how do we create more belonging?

Want some extra goodies to help you host the ultimate dinner? 

  • Check out this playlist we put together for your dinner on Spotify.
  • Want some inspiration on the theme? Check out some articles below. 
  • Want some recipe inspiration? Here are our fave picks


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Inspiration for Belonging

Why is belonging important? CNN breaks it down.

Want some poetic inspiration? There's nothing better than David Whyte's The House of Belonging

What is it to be an "other"? Check out one person's experience via Omid Safi's story here. 

Want to dive in deep? Check out David Hsu's UNTETHERED primer on social isolation and how to create more belonging. 

For all you community builders, here's a canvas and framework for building meaningful community.


Example Invitation to your own Feast Dinner 

Want to invite people to your monthly Feast? Here's a starter template for your email. 


Dear friends, 

I'm hosting a Feast dinner and I'd love to invite you to attend! 

Feast dinners are about people coming together to connect deeply and explore questions that give meaning to our lives. We'll be joining thousands of people in the world who are hosting their own dinners to explore the following question. 

In a world that's growing lonelier, how do we create belonging? 

We'll be using some surprise prompts to help us dig into the question, share our stories, gifts, and create more belonging in our own lives and for others.  

I'm hosting this dinner because I think you're amazing and I'd love to share a fun, magical, meaningful moment with you.

Please let me know if you can make it. I look forward to Feasting with you! 


____(Your Name Here)____