How will your innovative work write THE FUTURE? Tell us and we’ll get the world to help write your place in history.

Join NBCUniversal and Feast on Good as we collaboratively build the stories we hope to see dominate the news of the future. 15 finalists will be the foundation of speculative futures written, visualized and amplified through our digital audience. Each finalist will be given entry into The Feast conference in October, be featured on MSNBC.com and receive a wave of collective social media support. The organization with the most public engagement will be given the opportunity to address The Feast and call attendees to action in October. Thousands of supportive eyes–potential partners, investors and fellow innovators–will be on you, making your future the one we realize.

Applications for #RevUp2050 are officially closed. Check out our amazing 15 finalists and their futuristic visions below! Voting begins September 1 – get ready because your favorite innovators will need your support!

Round-3 of #RevUp2050 re-imagined futures of planet imaging, nutrition education, supply chain networks, youth literacy, and more! It was a hard choice, but we chose our final five finalists.  The top five from Round-3 include the following:

Planet Labs Inc. is a purpose-driven space and analytics company based in San Francisco, California. Our goal is to provide universal access to information about the changing planet. Founded by former NASA engineers & scientists, we will build & operate the world’s largest fleet of Earth imaging satellites to frequently image the entire planet.

Sourcemap helps companies and consumers understand where things come from, including the social, environmental, and financial impact. Powering Sourcemap is the first social network for supply chains, built so that – one day soon – you’ll scan a product on a store shelf and be instantly connected with the people who made it.

Enstitute creates a competitive, affordable, and scalable model of apprenticeship based higher education to: (1) equip Millennials with 21st century skills they need for 21st century careers, (2) maximize our human capital potential and combat high youth unemployment and (3) foster entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking, globally.

Honest Policy maintains a profile on every insurance company in your state (house, auto, life, health) measuring consumer satisfaction, outcome metrics, and providing price and quality comparison tools free to citizens, journalists, and legislators. Though an integration we will add consumer satisfaction data to the federal health exchange.

Borne Digital develops digital books that adapt to a child’s reading ability and provide personalized support. Our books enable children of different abilities to read and learn together while being challenged to their maximum ability. Our mission is to help children become better readers, so they can become better learners.

Round-2 of #RevUp2050 brought inspirational stories of the future transforming the landscape of collective learning, open sourced market places, clean water, public healthcare, and more! The top five from Round-2 included the following:

Sucre Blue is dedicated to providing access and affordability to chronic disease treatment around the globe. We lower the impact of chronic diseases on medical infrastructure through improvements in prevention, detection and treatment of NCDs (non communicable diseases).

Rework is a place for professionals to build profiles online to receive personalized job recommendations from our clients when they match with job opportunities. Our client organizations are solving the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time. We exist to create a currently non-existent talent infrastructure in the social impact space.

No Right Brain Left Behind is an organization that mobilizes the brightest professionals and organizations in the creative industries to re-think creativity in education. Together with school partners, we transform un-used school libraries into innovation spaces within schools to enhance creativity, academic results, and community in, and around, the schools.

Second Line is the first regionally-based impact investment fund in the US. We are taking a community-driven approach to guiding investments, working in partnerships with non-profits, community, political leadership to develop out the market sectors making most impact in New Orleans.

Wello’s mission is to meet the needs of the billion+ people worldwide who do not have reliable access to water. Through the application of innovative, appropriate, and low-cost solutions to transporting, purifying and storing water, we seek to lift the burden of water collection from the shoulders of women and girls.

Round-1 of #RevUp2050 was filled with hopeful projects working to change the future of urban development, youth activity, digital networking, conscious capitalism, and more! The top five from Round-1 included the following:

The Lowline is an effort to build the world’s first underground park in New York City, using innovative solar technology to deliver sunlight into an historic former trolley terminal, and create a new, more resilient, kind of public space.

STOKED is a youth development platform that leverages the culture and lifestyle of action sports to close the opportunity gap for low income youth in the United States. They promote personal development, academic achievement, & healthy living to youth.

Technovation Challenge equips girls to become technologically literate. They teach underserved young women to develop science-based mobile apps, and the winning team launches a company. 1400 high-school girls, 287 mobile apps, 94% of girls budding tech/scientists. They are the world’s largest and longest-running tech competition for middle and high school girls.

Public Lab democratizes science through the development of easy to use, DIY toolkits for environmental investigation. They empower communities to demand accountability for environmental concerns by building a global network of citizen scientists.

Given Goods Company sells products that give back- they are the retailer of the new generation of products that do more with every purchase.